Angelo Grella was born in the province of Verona. He attended the Faculty of Architecture of Venice, where he followed the courses of Carlo Scarpa, Aldo Rossi, Antonio Foscari and others. He graduated with the examination commission headed by Scarpa.


He always takes care of architecture, restoration of cultural heritage, and non-residential renovations, redevelopment of disused industrial areas and complexes, interior architecture and design.


He started the private practice  in a studio made-in  a porch barn of a small Venetian villa in the Veneto countryside, where he  still operates with the help of his staff.


Let me point out the most significant works of the first twenty years of activity:

Renovation  of the residential complex “The court”

construction of a residential-business complex

renovation of an eighteenth-century villa to obtain 27 units (Riva del Garda-Tn)

restructuring and re-use of the complex Ospital Vecchio – welfare center

recovery plan of a decommissioned production complex for residential use

construction of a multi-storey residence for a cooperative (with others)

cooperation with the firm Bontempi for the design of furniture pieces

renovation and expansion of a tourist village on the Ionian Coast in Calabria

arrangement of a dealership Olivetti (Olivetti 1st prize for northern Italy)

collaboration with Saporiti Italy for the design of the Art-line series

design competition  – (1st prize with the Night  table)

design and implementation of a robotic logistics complex (20,000 square meters)

design and construction of residence in bio architecture (the first in Verona)

preparation of the exhibition of furniture and antiques Verona (for 9 editions)

design and implementation of a detailed plan residential (85,000 square meters)


In more recent years let me mention:

renovation and fitting out of a small town theater and adjoining civic hall

restoration of an architectural complex in Piazza Erbe (Vr)

restoration and renovation of a residence in Aidone (Enna)

renovation of an eighteenth-century building with underground garage on two levels

restoration and renovation of Villa Ormaneto for accommodation use

fitting out of two floors of a building as a bank headquarters

renovation and expansion of two cemeteries (in the same municipality)

construction of a summer-club-restaurant garden (in Verona)

restoration and fitting out  of some Venetian villas in different areas of the Region


Currently, he is a consultant for architecture and restoration of AVV (Association of Owners of Veneto Villas) and member of the board of directors of the Institute Regional Venetian Villas.


He participates in the public debate on the restoration and enhancement of the architectural and environmental heritage with speeches at conferences, conventions, etc …