prima-riflessione“The alphabet architecture and restoration, learned by Carlo Scarpa, leads me to not use stereotyped solutions, but a language that always takes into account the context. To give in   or counter it. It’s a  positive approach to logistical difficulties, structural, economic or regulatory. They should not be considered a limitation, but a stimulus.”






seconda-riflessione“I think that architecture is measured with the eye, with the sense of opposition, with the culture. Sometimes even with their own steps, counting them . The building is only measured by the yardstick. It takes to get their shoes dirty in the dust of the construction sites, to check, or improve, the ideas put forth at the work table. And do not fall into the pitfalls of theory, or idealism”






terza-riflessione“When the existing, simple or magnificent it is, expresses its authenticity requires respect, not awe, and a pencil to use as a sword, or a feather. Or  both of them together.  Thinking of the possible and virtuous coexistence between the old and the new, between the simple and the complex. From the mergering is born the balance,  the clarity,the  simplicity of truth. And this brings us to go beyond the dating, or the current trends.”